for sale: Fingerworks TouchStream LP

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for sale: Fingerworks TouchStream LP

Post by davidswelt »

I have a TouchStream LP that I'd like to sell if the right offer comes along.
It is almost new and comes with the original CD and documentation.

I'm not sure about pricing, but reading this forum suggested to me a very wide price-range, up to $2500 on ebay.
So, e-mail me if you're interested: david dot reitter at gmail dot com.
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Re: for sale: Fingerworks TouchStream LP

Post by TorbenGB »

I don't remember seeing $2500 but $1500 has happened. Lately the going rate seems to be much less, judging by the eBay auctions in recent time.

I suggest that you put up an eBay auction, and you can add a hidden minimum price if you want. Then post the link here to be sure, but I think most users that are in the market for FingerWorks devices have set up eBay search notifications.

Be sure to include at least one photo, and also mention the sensor test results (like here). And state if it's a standard US layout or anything more exotic.

Good luck!
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