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TS on eBay starting at $750

Postby DamonBrinson » 06 Jan 2006, 17:20

"Buy it Now" for only $900...


Arguably, many concepts of fairness can be seen as essentially arbitrary... Cultural and societal similarities encourage us to accept certain norms, etc. In that sense, I suppose, there's nothing less fair about selling to the highest bidder than selling (at a reasonable price) using the "first come, first served" model. There will be winners and losers, and anyone who thinks that time (to surf) and money (to bid up auctions) are not both disproportionately distributed in the wealthiest sectors of society is naive.

When health (including pain management) is involved, as in the case of many readers of this forum, I think it's appropriate to hold ourselves to a higher standard -- one based on need seems appropriate. Is there a simple answer for how to implement such an exchange: of course not. Until there is an answer (simple or complex), it's everyone for themselves.

Happy bidding...
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Postby ivanw » 06 Jan 2006, 19:15

There always has been a single answer to all these essential questions, here it is: 42.

Some think we need a God to lead us somewhere when we die but in the mean time, its like you say: everyone for themselves. The best we can use a lifetime for is at piling up money

People who are not driven by greed are sick ones, those that want to help others do that only because they are in need to do so. They need to be looked at as if they were superior to those they help. :twisted:

Healthy Ferengies are more reliable partners: you can understand them 100% all the time :wink:

Just try to guess why I am writing this message, chances are you are going to guess wrong because I can' tell myself...

If I were a proud trader though, I would just be lecturing you about how our world turns nowadays. Then I would nearly insult you for swimming in the wrong direction. There you would be sure to understand this message better than you do right now, right?

:shock: sorry, I just finished a hard working day...
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Postby Rqyteqto » 06 Jan 2006, 22:27

And for whose benefit did you work so hard?

Not sure what this thread is about.

Perhaps its a comment on the absurdly high prices being asked for a no-longer-produced (the supply of which is thus artificially limited) product that was a bit high priced to begin with. This could apply to artwork by whomever as well as fuel or food or medicine during crises as well as the Fingerworks products at issue.

Unfortunately, we have only ourselves (at least some of ourselves) to blame for bidding up the prices. In the "gotta have it no matter what" fever, the prices just spiral up. Might be better to let it go to someone else at a lower price so the next one isn't as high. Plus you've eliminated at least one competitor, as they've already gotten their's.

I don't like profitteering and rampant speculation, buying something just so you can turn around and quickly sell it at a higher price. But there's nothing illegal about it. Not sure about the morality of it, certainly it is one person taking advantage of another's weakness. But then that's one of the inherent basics of life, the strong take advantage of the weak. They have to because its much harder if not impossible to take advantage of the strong. In the end, if you find yourself getting screwed because you want something so badly you will do anything to get it, you have only yourself to blame for someone asking you to do anything in return for what you want.

I do certainly hope this technology will come back on the market and relieve this silliness. The sooner the better!

Oh, by the way, '42' is only an assumed result to the actual answer which was, naturally enough, a question: "What is six times seven?" It only applies in base ten. In base seven, the answer would be 60 (7 being equivalent to base ten's 10) or maybe 'sixen'. There are many other possibilities depending on the appropriate basis and how 'six', 'times' and 'seven' are defined as. Even a recent President asked what 'is' is. Finally you can't ignore the definition of 'What'. Another equally accurate answer to the riddle is "Its an arithmetic problem." which could lead to trillenia of inquiry as to what that means.

Humm, I think it may be the start of another long hard working day. Fortunately, it is for the benefit of my wife and myself.
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