MacNTouch (with 12" cable) on eBay

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MacNTouch (with 12" cable) on eBay

Post by Andreocean »

My PowerBook got destroyed in a car accident, so I'm selling my MacNTouch. Hopefully someone else can actually use it. ... 8724673569
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Post by isaacs »

missed out. Keep kicking myself that I forgot it closed today. :D Closed for less that what I offered to buyit now too :P I am looking for a keyboard as a spare if anyone has one.
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I am the new owner

Post by Minox »

I contacted the person who won the original eBay auction asking if there was any interest in selling.

We agreed on a price (incidentally, less then original MSRP) and I began the waiting game... 4 days later the UPS package shows up.

I open the box and there were the usual gesture cards, the mousing tips, the Fingerworks CD, an install guide for the powerbook, an accessories bag (w/ product serial number) and the MacNTouch.

The cable attached to the MacNTouch was rather mangled (kinked, creased, bent, etc) and when I plugged it in Windows complained that a USB device was malfunctioning. I knew the original seller said the cable was damaged in a Apple repair facility. I looked in the accessories bag and there were 9 nylon screws (1 is missing), a short cable, a long cable, and the "L" board.

Now, I knew the MacNTouch came with a long and short cable but I didn't understand this 3rd cable...

Short cable

Built in cable

2nd Long cable - the same as the built in cable but lacking the spacer the other 2 cables have.

Well, being the optimist that I am, I removed the cable from the keyboard (someone prior had damaged the release tabs on the connecter GRRRR), attached this less mangled long cable, pulled the spacer off the short cable since it was torn anyway, and using it in the USB port I slid the end of the cable into the USB port on the PC and it works.

I loaded up the Multi-Touch utilities, updated the firmware (already at 1.6 but I wanted to clear it out anyway), and loaded my gesture set. It works FLAWLESSLY.

Now after getting over my excitement (sorta), I turn my attention to the box it came in, VERY covered in tape and labels. I carefully remove layer after layer. Now, uncovered are the original Fingerworks stickers - I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

As I uncovered the box I learned I am the 4th owner of this lovely piece of hardware. A man in Alaska purchased it from Fingerworks in 2003 who sold it to a man in California who sold it to a man in Texas in 2005 and who sold it to me in 2007... which brings it's journey to a well deserved end; I don't plan on selling it.

Being that I work for a Engineering company, some co-workers of mine want to see if they can develop a replacement for the delicate ribbons that these use. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

That's all for now.

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Post by ivanw »

That's a nice story. Usually, keyboards don't have more than one life.
BTW, good idea to report about it here for a change as we are not used to things that work the way they should. Would be nice to hear more of the kind.
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Post by nomaded »

Congrats on getting the keyboard. As Ivan said, great little story.

I should put up some pics of my silver MacNTouch and my Oct2005 15" AlBook - apparently it's a "custom" board. If I remember correctly, it was bought by someone that was installing it into a 14" iBook, so instead of having the L-connector and the 2 cables, this one has just one long cable with a USB connector on the end. It also has some 3M adhesive attached to the bottom, so it's just stuck to the keyboard well, not screwed down. I have the USB cable draped over the left speaker to fit into the USB port on the left side.

This silver MacNTouch has lived in the original owner's 14" iBook, my girlfriend's 12" iBook G4 and now my Oct2005 15" AlBook. Looking at the guides at, I fully expect to be able to transfer it to a MacBook Pro in the future.

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Not so sure it's a custom board

Post by Minox »

When I received the MacNTouch, it had 1 cable obviously messed with, plus the L board plus another cable ALMOST like the built in cable.

After looking over the install docs and such i have figured out all these cables...

if you look at the back of the board in <a href=" ... cables.jpg"> this</a> picture (Section A), you will notice that the cable comes out of the board, makes a 90 degree bent and then goes across the board and you are left with a 1" pigtail.

Next, you will notice (Section B) the small cable, it has the same spacer as the built in cable so it will stay tight and flush in the USB slot

Lastly, in Section C you see the L board and both the long built-in calbe and the small cable plugging into it. Well, wait... the long cable that is built-in has the spacer built on... how could it plug into the same connector type as the smaller cable? Answer, a 2nd longer cable that get swapped out with the built in one so it can be used in larger laptops. Which explains my 3 cables I got my my MacNTouch. What I ended up doing it pull the spacer off the smaller cable and use it with the longer cable that was ment to be used with the L board. It does work fine by the way.

Since the adhesive pads were mostly used up on my unit, I removed both from the back - the previous owner had removed the glued down cable long ago... the back of my MacNTouch is just PCB with no stickers or anything. You can see a picture of it <a href=""> here</a>.
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