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Touchstream LP Dvorak Burgandy for sale on EBay

Posted: 14 Oct 2005, 21:21
by Damyr

Posted: 15 Oct 2005, 03:12
by Rqyteqto
Damn Yer,

Ya beat me to the punch.

Jump on it fingerers.


Posted: 19 Oct 2005, 20:01
by Rqyteqto
There are now three TouchStreams on EBay,

Burgundy DVORAK - Item number: 5819461153, 'LP'
Burgundy QWERTY - Item number: 5820565616, Identified as an 'SP', looks like a standard board in the photos.
Burgundy QWERTY - Item number: 5821111942, Norwegian keyboard, though it looks the same and should be able to be modified to whatever.

So few for so long, now almost a glut. Happy bidding and good luck.

Posted: 19 Oct 2005, 23:54
by nomaded
"SP" is a misnomer. If anything, it would be a "ST" or a "Stealth". That is one of the older boards that is attached to the tent stand. I have one and I prefer it to the newer LPs.

Posted: 23 Oct 2005, 23:50
by The00Dustin
I missed out on this one, auction ended while I was distracted. KB sold for too little. A real shame. Anyone wants to sell a DVORAK and doesn't like E-Bay, feel free to PM me.