Touchstream LP Qwertz for sale

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Touchstream LP Qwertz for sale

Postby folkie » 10 Oct 2005, 20:17


i just came across a second Touchstream LP Qwertz (german model).
I thought about keeping it for myself, if my first one should break.
But i think i will offer it to someone who still hasn't got one.
I know i can't prove that, but maybe you're so fair to just write me if you don't already have a Touchstream.

So please send me your offers to

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Postby Rqyteqto » 10 Oct 2005, 23:07

Matthias -

I applaud your effort to see that those without have a chance. Good Luck to all. However, if in the unlikelyhood you do not find a buyer who does not have a TS already, I would be very interested in purchasing it.

I would note that although the German QWERTZ model has the Z and Y interchanged on the graphics on the board, when you fire it up, the keys will correlate to the language you have your OS installed for. So, for example, although my German QWERTZ has the Z where the Y is normally on English boards and vice versa, when I tap the Z key where the Y key would be for English boards, I get a Y. The same is true with the Y key at the usual Z location.
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Postby folkie » 12 Oct 2005, 19:27

Hm, nobody around without a Touchstream.
Ok then everybody is welcome...
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