Looking for a TouchStream

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Looking for a TouchStream

Post by blanu »

I am looking for a Touchstream keyboard. ST or LP. Any keyboard layout is fine. If you have one to sell, e-mail me at touchstream@blanu.net.

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Post by TorbenGB »

Hi Blanu, and welcome to the community!
Search around these forums a little and you'll see that many want to buy and nobody wants to sell... Expect it to be difficult and expensive; over $800 is common these days...

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Post by Rqyteqto »

Come on Torben, open up and be honest with Blanu, no point in painting such a rosy picture. You should also mention he/she will get auditted by the IRS, catch several STDs, go bankrupt, have his/her identity stolen, get avian flu, be put on the restricted airlines list, have his/her personal phone number, address and email distributed to every 419er, spammer and telemarketer in the solar system, lose the lottery, get drafted, develop adult onset acne, become impotent, haver his/her driver's license revoked and will inexplicably join several dozen extremely bizarre cults. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the head lice and scabies as well as scurvy and rickets. Of course, there's also the 85% chance he/she will have their hair go gray and then fall out (but only in patches), become extremely nearsighted, will gain 200#, and suffer from permanent "ring around the collar". Lastly there is the halitosis and the absolute certainty of severe incontinence. I guess I needn't mention that one will become a social pariah as well, mostly because of the extraordinarily prodigous and hideously odiferous flatulence that develops in the latter stages.

However, if he/she can get their hands on even one board, it will be worth it. There's also the wonderful comraderie of these forums which makes up for some of the drawbacks noted above.
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Post by ivanw »

:wink: Hey Torben, say something

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