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WTB: Extra tent stand

Postby junk » 06 Oct 2005, 06:58

Hi, does anyone have one to spare, or know of any active resellers which can sell me an extra tent stand for my Touchstream LP?
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Postby shosolosa » 10 Oct 2005, 09:16

Try the Austrian reseller ngit.
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I have one...

Postby Minox » 11 Oct 2005, 05:23

I bought a second tent when I got my touchstream in Mar of 2004. I kept it in my drawer at home thinking I would use the touchstream at both work and home. I ended up only using it at work. I have since gotten a second Touchstream LP and it came with a tent as well... so now I have 2 LPs and 3 tents. I'll give it to you for the cost of shipping.

BTW, does anyone know if there is still a stock of gel pads somewhere??
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Postby Rqyteqto » 11 Oct 2005, 09:45

Minox -
You can get replacement pads from here:

http://www.buy.com/prod/Belkin_WaveRest ... 59356.html
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Postby ivanw » 11 Oct 2005, 13:24

I once found the manufacturer from which FingerWorks used to get the TouchStream-LP gel pads. I Can't remember the name and I don't recall how I got to find it. :? All my attempts to google it back failed. So, I've never been able to return to the web-pages I've visited then.

May be someone will be lucky enough to get some clues while searching the FingerWorks Support Forum.

All I recall is that they sell a patented extra-resistant gel for medical equipment. These pages were very well documented with animated demos to illustrate pressure smearing when used on wheel-chairs.
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Wrist Pads

Postby Minox » 11 Oct 2005, 15:21


these look interesting too...
<img src="http://www.safecomputing.com/media/moongelwrist.gif">
Moongel Gel Plus Pad

More Gel support relieves wrist tension
Unique adjustable incline allows users comfortable wrist positioning
Maintains a fluid wrist motion for healthy computing
Non-skid base provides a desk gripping fit for confident use
Perfect for 10-key and calculator use
Made of Black Lycra
Dimensions are 5" x 2.8" x .75".
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Postby junk » 14 Oct 2005, 08:03

Minox, your solution sounds brilliant. I am in bliss now! Ofcourse i will pay for the shipping, how shall we arrange it?
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