iGesture Numpad score

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iGesture Numpad score

Post by barbara »

Hi All

I just had to share my good news. :D

I finally found a numpad on eBay (it pays to keep looking there) after months of trying to find one and being on the the verge of giving up..... it appeared.

It had a buy it now price of $119 (US) BRAND NEW - what a bargain! So of course I jumped at the opportunity especially when Human Solutions start their bidding for a plain iGesture at $150.00 and its from a major seller with a 96.8% rating on 17,562 sales.

Now I just have to wait for it to get here.

(in Brisbane on a beautiful sunny morning)

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Post by Rqyteqto »

Congrats and huzzah!

Great price.
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Post by nomaded »

Definitely congrats is in order.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Post by thenn »

Congratulations!! I also have a numpad from igesture. It truley is a great input device. Great price too!

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