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Touchstream LP Qwerty for sale

Posted: 25 Sep 2005, 10:12
by jpaller
Having grown increasingly concerned about pain in my pinky finger from using this board (i got in the bad habbit of keeping it raised too high above the surface and cant stop) i am actually going to be selling my board. it is in really great condition and i have everything that came with it except the original box. all sensors are working. got it brand new six months ago. unfortunately i can only sell it if i make enough to purchase the new setup i have in mind. so i'm looking for at least $800. if people would rather i put it on ebay i can do that. please pm me your best offers.

i'll be looking for a little more money to cover fees if i put it on ebay but i have a coupon for 10% off an ebay purchase with payment through paypal. the coupon expires on 9/28/05 so if ur interested nows the time.

Posted: 25 Sep 2005, 18:50
by jpaller
pics and serial # available on request

actually, checked ebay and although there havent been any in a while it looks i should lower my sights a little. i will start entertaining ofers at $600 (cost of the new keyboard i want and not including mouse or pedals)

also, feel free to email me at

Posted: 29 Sep 2005, 16:37
by jpaller



note of caution

Posted: 05 Oct 2005, 16:27
by catboy
Use caution in commerce with Mr. Paller; in my experience, he is neither mature nor honest in his deals.

Posted: 05 Oct 2005, 17:05
by jpaller
oh get over yourself. its not like you sent me money yet. it doesnt really matter why i decided not to sell it. this isnt ebay and there was no contract. good god!

Posted: 06 Oct 2005, 09:48
by TorbenGB
I don't know the deal in question, and I know neither poster, but the tone and style in Mr. Paller's response makes it pretty clear in my mind which party should be listened to. One should perhaps stop and think for a moment before posting.

Posted: 06 Oct 2005, 18:50
by Rqyteqto
Torben, are you actually suggesting opening wide and immediately sticking both feet in as deep as possible might not the best of all strategems. Why, I can't imagine such a notion that goes entirely against all contemporary practice across the globe.