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Looking for a broken FW board

PostPosted: 08 Aug 2005, 23:31
by dr_leviathan
I'm looking for a non-functional FW keyboard or mouse tablet (any model, any condition). I want to dismantle it so I can examine its construction.

If anyone has one still hanging out that they would like to part with then let me know. You can put it up on e-bay for me to bid on, or you can just tell me what you think it is worth and we can negotiate.

Finally, if it turns out to be fixable and I fix it (very very unlikely, but you never know) then I promise to return it for whatever I paid for it. (But please don't send it to me in the hopes that I can fix it. I seem to recall seeing a post in these forums by somone who used to repair the keyboards for FW. If you want it fixed then try contacting someone like him instead.)