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Posted: 15 Jul 2005, 00:32
by phill
I can't believe that the keyboards are selling for $700 on eBay! That's just crazy. People who are spending that much on them are going to feel funny when the keyboard re-appears again for $200. ... 5217086669 ... 5217087385

Posted: 15 Jul 2005, 22:17
by moof
And when's that going to happen?

Posted: 16 Jul 2005, 15:51
by The Juggler
Doesn't surprise me... if mine broke I would pay up to $1000 to get a new one...

So I'm taking good care of it :shock:

I don't think they'll be in production again; some sort of equivalent is likely to arrive eventually... but I wouldn't bet on that happening in the next five years.