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Looking for a Mini

Posted: 02 Jul 2005, 13:42
by eve
Hello everybody

The title says it all, really.

My health has deteriorated and it looks like I will be forced to start typing one-handedly. The reason for getting the LP was to get used to typing with 0 force and, if and when the moment arrived, to be able to switch to a mini without too much fuss and re-training. Well, it looks the moment has arrived but FW is gone :cry:

I got a Frogpad Yesterday to buy me some time until I can get my hands onto a mini and I am now putting out the msg that I am looking for one :)

So...if you know of a Mini being sold or are selling yours, please let me know. I am in Switzerland (might be useful to know for postage and handling) and I couldn't care less about keyboard layout as long as the unit is functional.

Thank you

Posted: 04 Jul 2005, 08:57
by aegis
I got mine from Tony at Meltones Media:

He may still have some.


Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 02:05
by eve
Hi Daniel

Thank you. I sent off an inquiry


Posted: 06 Jul 2005, 07:30
by shosolosa

I believe still has some minis. send them an email.


Posted: 07 Jul 2005, 09:59
by eve
Thank you for the responses.

Meltones Media didn't bother to respond which I took as a "no" :) but had 4 on stock of which there are now 3 left :D
They will not accept CC but money transfer seems to work fine and they did not take advantage of the situation. The price listed is EURO plus 20% Austrian VAT. So I paid price listed -20% plus s&h.

It does seem they have some TS left as well but I didn't ask. It looks like just the Burgundy ones, though.

Thank you again