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Posted: 20 Jun 2007, 14:13
by TorbenGB
I don't acnually know, but Apple changed their layout some models back so that MacNTouches no longer fit well. I am assuming they are staying on that track. It might still work, but there's no guarantee. You might consider the DigiTouch as a workaround? forum/viewtopic.php?t=697

Here is a review of the DigiTouch: bin/view/Main/DigiTouch

Posted: 21 Jun 2007, 08:07
by ff0eoaR
Thanks for the quick and helpful replies! I'm probably ready to switch to a MacBook Pro with the MacNTouch after 20 years on a PC ...

Thanks. Christian

Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 00:08
by ff0eoaR
Thanks for the info. Sounds a bit complicated to install. But since I don't even have the MacBook Pro yet, I'll just use it with my PC with the Stenovations enclosure for now.

Thanks again for all the help. Great forum here.


Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 03:50
by Minox
I would recommend opening TextEdit then press and hold the 4 corners of the MacNTouch then set it to "Mac Mode" (option 1).

Also, have you run multitouch utilities to see what the diagnostics show?

Unrelated, this thread make me chuckle... check the post date:


Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 13:04
by Minox
From this image: ... nboxed.jpg

it certainly seems to be!