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Want to Trade: Silver Dvorak for Silver Qwerty

PostPosted: 19 Jun 2005, 16:09
by Peter70

I don't seem to be adjusting well to dvorak and find myself in situations where I need to use a qwerty keyboard, like doing searches in the library and when travelling and accessing the internet from internet cafes. Regrettably I'm unable to switch between the two layouts and just feel confused.

Does anybody want to trade their new-ish silver qwerty TS for my silver dvorak TS in great condition? PM me if you're interested and hopefully we can work something out.


Not sure if this helps

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2005, 00:28
by barbara
Firstly I am in Australia. I was going to buy a Touchstream DVORAK just as Fingerworks closed. The only ergonomic reseller that sells (sold) Fingerworks products in Australia had only two items left:

An iGesture pad
A QWERTY touchstream (their description: colour black?)

I bought the iGeture pad as I cannot/don't want to go back to QWERTY after teaching myself to touchtype DVORAK. I am about to buy the Typematrix EZ-Reach 2030 for a keyboard. It is very compact, and I am hoping it will reduce reaching as I suffer from shoulder pain.

As of last week, the reseller still had the Touchstream (AUD500 about USD380 + freight). It is not mentioned on their website so it is probably still available, and I don't know if they ship overseas.

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2005, 17:27
by Peter70
Hi Barbara,

I sent you a PM. If I can find somehere to purchase the silver TS QWERTY, I think I'll just put this up on ebay.

There seem to be none available anywhere....

Touchstream in Australia

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2005, 22:56
by barbara
I posted 2 PM replies (chumpboy and Peter70) with the URL of the website that still had a Touchstream.

Would be interested if either of you were successful.......and I will never know what I missed out on, having never used a Touchstream :(

If only I had discovered Finger Works 6 months earlier!

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2005, 02:42
by Peter70
Unfortunately they were sold out...

: (

So...anybody wanna trade?

PostPosted: 27 Jun 2005, 09:59
by synemitchell
I've got a silver qwerty in like-new condition that I'd love to trade for a silver dvorak. I'm in the Seattle area. Where are you?