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by VaderPi
29 Aug 2005, 15:55
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: .....67% chance it's Apple... because...
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Beyond that, why the secrecy thing, what does it accomplish? Not withstanding they had a perfect opportunity to introduce the new keyboards and didn't. Like I said, those were ready to go as is. And, frankly, there's nothing to gain for them to cease production of the TS and other boards. And what ...
by VaderPi
30 Jun 2005, 17:44
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: Depressed about my typing progress and about thealternatives
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I waited until I was very proficient with my QWERTY TouchStream before I decided to learn DVORAK. It has been difficult, but I get better everyday. Getting used to the QWERTY TouchStream was difficult enough. I agree with previous posts that it is probably a bad idea. There were also posts in the ol...
by VaderPi
24 Jun 2005, 19:27
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: opinion
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'a version of the fingerworks products' being sold with lots of computers
Hmm.... this is exciting! If you permit me to put on my speculation cap, my guess is that IBM or rather the Lenovo is going to start selling laptops with an iGesture instead of a touchpad.
by VaderPi
10 Jun 2005, 19:37
Forum: Marketplace
Topic: Silver/Dvorak Touchstream FS on eBay
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I was just sitting here staring at the picture. You took a really nice photo! It makes me want it even more. I was planning on saving up for a silver Dvorak before all the craziness happened. My burgundy Qwerty is going to have to do, now. ;) I have a print out of the Dvorak layout on my desk, and I...
by VaderPi
03 Jun 2005, 18:01
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: Has anyone asked FingerWorks directly?
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Has anyone asked FingerWorks directly?

I was not sure if anyone had asked FingerWorks directly for more information, so I sent this email via the contact us form at the FingerWorkds site. I will be sure to share any response that I get. --------- Hello, The user community has been ripe with rumors about the status of FingerWorks and more...
by VaderPi
26 Apr 2005, 21:15
Forum: Members' introductions
Topic: VaderPi
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M. Scott Ford, Roanoke, Virginia, USA

TorbenGB, thanks for the site! I bought my FW TS in January 2004. I use it every day at home and at work. I carry it back and forth in my messenger bag. When I bought it, I was working two jobs, so I bought two extra stands, one for each job and one for home. I am kinda glad that I did now. The pads...