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I'll host them for at least a little while.

Here they are:

(bin for Linux, exe for Win, zip for Mac)

If there are two similar files, the bigger one has the JVM. (The Mac version doesn't have a JVM option, because it's built into the OS.)
by Shawn_Milo
08 Aug 2005, 21:34
Forum: About this forum
Topic: Downloads, XWinder
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Downloading them to my server now. If there are two files that are nearly the same name but with a different size, the larger one has the JVM and the smaller does not. The .bins are the Linux, the .zip is the Mac, and the .exes are Windows. Happy Monday. (remove the extra...
by Shawn_Milo
08 Aug 2005, 21:32
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: I need the latest firmware upgrade file, badly
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If I could change one thing about the TouchStream, it would be the zero tactile feedback, so I agree in part. However, I don't believe that moving parts are the answer. That defeats some of the purpose, adds more room for failure, and will make gestures more cumbersome. What I think it needs is an i...
by Shawn_Milo
04 Aug 2005, 15:19
Forum: Keyboards: TouchStream, MacNTouch, Digitouch, Mini
Topic: Next step towards an effective keyboard - :idea: collector
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I thought of FW the moment I saw this on Slashdot, also. But it's clearly not related -- there is no "touchpad" technology at all -- just mechanical buttons.


I don't see anything "mighty" about this mouse other than the price tag. And I'm a Mac user...
by Shawn_Milo
04 Aug 2005, 15:14
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: Apple? this sure seems like the multitouch technology
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Dvorak TouchStream LP for sale (Ebay). ... RK:MESE:IT

Burgandy, great condition, about eight months old.

Auction number: 5791532827
by Shawn_Milo
25 Jul 2005, 16:46
Forum: Marketplace
Topic: Dvorak TouchStream LP for sale (Ebay).
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I was talking to a friend of mine, and he made a very interesting comment. If it's Apple, or any publicly traded company, wouldn't the purchase have to be public? He isn't a lawyer (and neither am I), but it's a good point -- you'd think it would have to be made public in some public filing within a...
by Shawn_Milo
14 Jul 2005, 18:33
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: .....67% chance it's Apple... because...
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On my Touchstream LP, I set the right palm gesture to switch layouts. (Up with Dvorak, down with QWERTY!) ;o) <rant> The thing that sucks about Windows -- well, another thing, is that if you switch layouts, it only takes effect for the currently open app. That doesn't even include new windows and po...
by Shawn_Milo
14 Jul 2005, 18:11
Forum: Off-topic discussions
Topic: Dvorak
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I'm going to stick my neck out and say no, it's not possible. Reason: I backed up my XML configuration file then changed mousing to the left side and saved a new file. When I compared the two files, the only difference was an added bit: swap_hands="true" Therefore, it seems that there is no way to d...
by Shawn_Milo
14 Jul 2005, 16:55
Forum: Mousing and Gesturing
Topic: mousing on both sides of a TouchStream?
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Yeah, I always called them "nipples," too. Although I never even noticed that there was no "Windows" key. Of course, I never use that key, and am a Linux and Mac user when I'm not at work. ;-) I was suprised to look down at my Thinkpad T43 and see that there was, in fact, no M$ key. Cool. Shawn
by Shawn_Milo
29 Jun 2005, 13:30
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: opinion
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I know I'm arriving to this post late, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. I switched to Dvorak about a year before I discovered the TouchStream. As it was, it took me about two weeks into my Dvorak switch to get to the point where typing wasn't painfully slow. It was another two or three weeks...
by Shawn_Milo
29 Jun 2005, 13:18
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: Depressed about my typing progress and about thealternatives
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So, does no one know who has acquired them, and what their plans are for the company and (more importantly) product line?
by Shawn_Milo
27 Apr 2005, 19:55
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: Summary as of April 26, 2005, Updated September 2, 2005
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Shawn Milo, TouchStream LP Dvorak and iGesture user.

Hi everyone! I was invited here by TorbenGB, and decided to sign up. I really hope that whoever bought FingerWorks is going to expand on the product line, or at least continue it. If it's Apple, then I hope my next laptop will have the TouchStream by default! :o) Other stuff about me: I'm an INTP, a...
by Shawn_Milo
27 Apr 2005, 13:56
Forum: Members' introductions
Topic: Shawn Milo, TouchStream LP Dvorak and iGesture user.
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