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working Java SDK?

Has anyone ever successfully built the Java SDK for the iGesture pad? I'm trying to build the DLL file, but have found that a missing header file (not anywhere in download) means it can't be built. I'm trying to get raw finger locations from the pad in order to do some HCI research (not at all tryin...
by dwigdor
22 Feb 2007, 18:50
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: SDK/OS X doesn't build: macosx_DeviceInternals.c missing
Replies: 7
Views: 6081

Anyone ever used this in Java?

I'm a Java programmer, and agree that the DLL cannot be compiled, given the missing header files. Has anyone out there ever successfully built the DLL, or found another way to use this in Java? Sure would be nice.
by dwigdor
21 Feb 2007, 22:49
Forum: Mouse: iGesture products
Topic: SDK use in Java
Replies: 3
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