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by Andreocean
16 Jul 2014, 04:28
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Topic: Selling dvorak Digitouch; $350
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Selling dvorak Digitouch; $350

I'm selling my Dvorak Digitouch, which is a Macintouch board (originally designed for internal use in Apple laptops) placed in an external USB enclosure. Since the software to reprogram the firmware requires older USB drivers, I'm throwing in a G4-era iBook which has the MyGesture editor installed. ...
by Andreocean
17 Nov 2005, 02:00
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Topic: MacNTouch (with 12" cable) on eBay
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MacNTouch (with 12" cable) on eBay

My PowerBook got destroyed in a car accident, so I'm selling my MacNTouch. Hopefully someone else can actually use it. ... 8724673569
by Andreocean
15 Nov 2005, 19:14
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Topic: I am looking for a Mac N touch for my 12" powerbook
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I have a MacNTouch and a 12" cable that I would be willing to sell, and I'm in the US.
by Andreocean
30 Sep 2005, 21:11
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Topic: WTB: 15 Mac'n'Touch Cable
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Me too...

I have a 15" PB, and Apple cut the cable while they were doing a warranty repair on my PowerBook, so I have a perfectly functional MacNTouch that just needs a 15" cable. Anybody?
by Andreocean
25 Jun 2005, 04:46
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Topic: Wanted: TouchStream LP
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Wanted: TouchStream LP

Well, I didn't buy one before, thinking I'd wait until I had a little more spare cash, and now I'm regretting it.

Anyone have a TouchStream LP they'd like to sell me? I'll take any kind, although I'd slightly prefer Dvorak.


-- Andre Arko