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by jadrian
15 Aug 2016, 17:40
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Topic: Selling Touchstream LP
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Selling Touchstream LP

Hello all, I'm looking to sell my Touchstream LP, bought in 2005. The price I'm looking for is 600 EUR. This one on eBay was sold recently for ~685 EUR. Shipping from Portugal. It is pretty much as good as new and fully functional. Here is a picture. DISCLAIMERS: If you look...
by jadrian
13 Jun 2005, 20:44
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Topic: Touchstream not working (usb probs) ?
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Touchstream not working (usb probs) ?

Hello Just bought a touchstream LP. Still it doesn't seem to work. I tried all usb ports. In windows I get a message saying that one of the devices connected to the usb port doesn't work because it is malfunctioning. In Linux, when I try under root "lsusb" it doesn't show any device where the touchs...