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by Roshan1
28 Mar 2014, 18:09
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard
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New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Hi Torben and Gang, I have some good news! I just came across an article that states Apple has filed a patent for a new iPad Multi-Touch keyboard. It is being developed by John Elias, cofounder of FingerWorks. Could this be the beginning of the new TouchStream we have been waiting the last 9 years f...
by Roshan1
07 Jun 2012, 21:14
Forum: Keyboards: TouchStream, MacNTouch, Digitouch, Mini
Topic: Replacing USB cable?
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Replacing USB cable?

Hi everyone, I own a silver Dvorak TouchStream that no longer works. The USB cable had gotten tangled in my chair one day, and when I stood up, the keyboard crashed to the ground. I picked it up and, much to my dismay, it stopped working. I replaced the connecting Parlex ribbon, but it did not help....