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by synemitchell
03 Jul 2005, 21:08
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: Depressed about my typing progress and about thealternatives
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Touchstream pain

Hi Peter, Glad the Querty TS made it there safe and sound. I'm loving your old Dvorak. I'm thrilled since I'd promised myself a TS when I finished my latest novel and after dutifully waiting until it was done--FW was gone. Ebay and a bulliten board trade, and I finally have the keyboard of my dreams...
by synemitchell
27 Jun 2005, 09:59
Forum: Marketplace
Topic: Want to Trade: Silver Dvorak for Silver Qwerty
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I've got a silver qwerty in like-new condition that I'd love to trade for a silver dvorak. I'm in the Seattle area. Where are you?
by synemitchell
06 Jun 2005, 20:11
Forum: Marketplace
Topic: 2 new Silver QWERTY Fingerworks LP Keyboards
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ErgoCanada is legit

I don't mind the ErgoCanada post. They're a legit company. I recently purchased an LP through them (with the help of a Canadian friend...Sorry for the perfidy, Mr. Craggs, but I was desperate.) I think it's considerate of Mr. Craggs to go to the trouble to inform the FingerFans community of an aucti...