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by antifuchs
18 Oct 2006, 00:18
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: SDK/OS X doesn't build: macosx_DeviceInternals.c missing
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SDK/OS X doesn't build: macosx_DeviceInternals.c missing

Hi there. I've been trying to re-build the FWHID HandMotion SDK for Mac OS X 10.4 / intel, so that I can run XWinder with a sensible startup time and memory usage (was also planning on re-distributing it to my fellow intel mac sufferers). However, rebuilding that SDK for OS X turns out to be pretty ...
by antifuchs
26 Jul 2006, 00:15
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: Difficulty installing utilities on MacIntel OSX
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Luckily, they used the opensource jusb library available at sourceforge. Unfortunately, I had to get the CVS version and modify the Makefile. I did get it working, though! Now I'm going to attempt to place the appropriate files on the Wiki. If I succeed, I'll post here again. Seems like you were un...
by antifuchs
04 Dec 2005, 18:35
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: Programmers Pad
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same problem here

I have a QWERTZ fw keyboard (firmware 1.6), with a similar problem, and this is what I found out: the programmer's pad worked when I bought it, but I wanted to use the "stretch" gesture for altgr like US fw keyboards use, and use the top and bottom row for alt and control. Turning on US mode activat...