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same problem here

I have a QWERTZ fw keyboard (firmware 1.6), with a similar problem, and this is what I found out: the programmer's pad worked when I bought it, but I wanted to use the "stretch" gesture for altgr like US fw keyboards use, and use the top and bottom row for alt and control. Turning on US mode activat...
by antifuchs
04 Dec 2005, 18:35
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: Programmers Pad
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Luckily, they used the opensource jusb library available at sourceforge. Unfortunately, I had to get the CVS version and modify the Makefile. I did get it working, though! Now I'm going to attempt to place the appropriate files on the Wiki. If I succeed, I'll post here again. Seems like you were un...
by antifuchs
26 Jul 2006, 00:15
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: Difficulty installing utilities on MacIntel OSX
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SDK/OS X doesn't build: macosx_DeviceInternals.c missing

Hi there. I've been trying to re-build the FWHID HandMotion SDK for Mac OS X 10.4 / intel, so that I can run XWinder with a sensible startup time and memory usage (was also planning on re-distributing it to my fellow intel mac sufferers). However, rebuilding that SDK for OS X turns out to be pretty ...
by antifuchs
18 Oct 2006, 00:18
Forum: Other troubleshooting
Topic: SDK/OS X doesn't build: macosx_DeviceInternals.c missing
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