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by gerb
29 Oct 2005, 08:26
Forum: Typing and Layouts
Topic: How to get away from Qwerty?
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I am now trying to use Dvorak only, but when I have to write anything even of this size, I quickly give up and grab my normal keyboard after all -- I'm not even "limping along acceptably" on Dvorak. I wonder if it's really supposed to be that hard to switch. Torben, The "cold turkey" method worked ...
by gerb
18 Oct 2005, 06:54
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: Apple's next new thing announcement Tomorrow
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That conclusion is not consistent with what you get out of this message: :arrow: Summary as of April 26, 2005, Updated September 2, 2005 If they are indeed working for Apple it could be one or two years during which we won't hear anything about the technology :cry: Folks, we have a real product on ...