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by DamonBrinson
27 Mar 2014, 16:52
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Topic: TouchStream LP Keyboard Excellent Condition, 2 Stands
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TouchStream LP Keyboard Excellent Condition, 2 Stands

My dear TouchStream LP QWERTY on eBay -- excellent condition, 2 stands (home/work), 3 replacement ribbon connectors. It's in great condition - no damage, just some texture wear (shine) in the center of the surface from normal use. Functionally (and cosmetically) perfect. No signs of strain in ribbon...
by DamonBrinson
06 Jan 2006, 17:20
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Topic: TS on eBay starting at $750
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TS on eBay starting at $750

"Buy it Now" for only $900 ... Arguably, many concepts of fairness can be seen as essentially arbitrary... Cultural and societal similarities encourage us to accept certain norms, etc. In that sense, I suppose, t...
by DamonBrinson
06 Jan 2006, 17:03
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Topic: Practically new QWERTY burgundy Touchstream LP for sale.
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Just responded with private message

I just responded with a private message to you. If you didn't receive it, please let me know.

by DamonBrinson
03 Jan 2006, 02:32
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Topic: Which notebooks are compatible w/ MacnTouch?
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Newest Powerbooks, too?

I read here ( )that the Macntouch doesn't "fit" some newer Powerbooks... I assume that this is a comment about the physical fit and not the compatibility fit... My understanding is that the entire Fingerworks line is so standard (with regard to the p...
by DamonBrinson
27 Jul 2005, 03:00
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Topic: can anyone confirm this seller?
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Definitely gone. And left a trail of dissatisfaction on their way out: ... er_id=2173