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by Katzedecimal
06 Apr 2006, 20:10
Forum: News about FingerWorks
Topic: Has anyone found an alternative to their TouchStreams?
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I use a Kinesis Advantage keyboard and a Cirque CruiseCat touchpad. The Kinesis is low-impact, Dvorak-switchable, remappable and programmable, and has a non-staggered layout. Costs the same neighborhood as the Touchstreams did. The Cruisecat is zero-force, has some limited, uncomplicated gesture pro...
by Katzedecimal
15 Jul 2005, 23:34
Forum: Members' introductions
Topic: Missed the boat entirely
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Missed the boat entirely

Dia dhuibh I first heard about Fingerworks early this year when a friend bought a Touchstream Dvorak keyboard. It was the first time I'd ever heard of either Fingerworks or Dvorak and I immediately set out to learn about both. I suffer from tendonitis in my hands and arms which is aggravated by both...
by Katzedecimal
15 Jul 2005, 23:21
Forum: Off-topic discussions
Topic: Alternatives?
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I missed the Fingerworks boat - found out about the Touchstreams just in time for Fingerworks to close up shop :cry: However, in the process of searching for Touchstreams, I was pointed in the direction of the Kinesis contoured keyboards and I now own one. I like this keyboard a lot. Its low impact ...