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We should have a copyright notice. It should be along the lines of:

  • We respect the copyrights of any product mentioned in these pages.
  • Our contributions on this website are submitted into the public domain for non-profit use with the explicit exeption of items copyrighted by other parties (primarily FingerWorks).
  • We could probably adhere to this public domain "non-license"

This public domain perspective probably means that the bit about ©2005... at the bottom of each page should be changed?


"We the users" have formed this fan website on 25 April 2005 in order to keep up the peer-to-peer contact and support network for the FingerWorks products. As a fan site, this is operated by volunteers and aims to be the #1 resource for all things FingerWorks. In doing so, we might inadvertedly infringe on FW's rights, but we request to be treated on good faith.

We know that we are using some material from without explicit written permission, including logo artwork, product images, and downloadable files. This is a fan website which was established at a time when the FW website was unreliable, so reproducing this material on our website is meant to support rather than offend FW.

We will naturally obey relevant requests so please don't sue us up front.
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