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Welcome, FingerWorks fans!

Our goal for this website is to be the #1 resource for all things FingerWorks in order to maintain a good informal support network based on peer-to-peer contact.

DreamHost is an excellent hosting provider that we highly recommend. Try it out for free, or use the 97-day money-back guarantee! Anybody is welcome to help us! Whether you're a customer, or a reseller, or a FW employee, you're welcome here. Read how to contribute and learn the reason for this website on the About page.

Fingerfans forum has been repaired!!!
Read the full statement in the forum!

Fingerfans website admin is looking to retire; replacement wanted.
Read the full statement in the forum!

Get your Stenovations DigiTouch today!
There are still some DigiTouch units available. See the ordering instructions here.

Discussion forum

We have re-created the discussion forum where most people go to participate in the user community:

We have created a FW forum archive that is a complete copy of the original Fingerworks forum, so that we don't lose all that valuable information if closes down. Credit goes to IvanW and his son John for this work.

Knowledge base

We also have a knowledge base -- you're looking at it now. That's used for documentation, downloads, and other information of a more static nature. This needs more work, and your participation is appreciated! Read how to contribute on the About page.

General product information.
How to edit the raw XML.
dismantling the FW products.
how to change/replace the TouchStreamLP ribbon cable.
The driver software that also allows customizations and diagnostics.
A review of Stenovations' Digi-Touch version of the MacNTouch.

We also keep a WishList? to remind us of things we want to add to this website.

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