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The TouchStream LP is a stand-alone user interface that includes a full keyboard, standard mouse, and our extensive two handed gesture set. The TouchStream LP completely replaces your existing keyboard and mouse with a fully integrated package that packs a lot more power and capability.

The LP's large surfaces are more than big enough for full-range mousing, ZeroForce touch-typing, and gesture input.

In addition, when you want to take the LP on the road or from place to place it folds into an easily carried package that fits nicely in a brief case or backpack.

Whatís truly amazing about TouchStream Keyboards is that key, mouse, and gesture input all occur in the same overlapping area of the MultiTouch surface. This means that when you switch between typing and mouse, for example, you donít have to move your hand to grab the mouse since itís always under your fingertips. This benefit is only fully appreciated after using a TouchStream Keyboard for a few minutes.

The LP can be ordered with either a QWERTY or DVORAK layout.

Why Switch to a TouchStream?

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-- NomadEd - 16 Dec 2005

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