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Our goal for this website is to be the #1 resource for all things FingerWorks in order to maintain a good informal support network based on peer-to-peer contact. Anybody is welcome to help us (see under How). FingerWorks (nicknamed FW) is a company that invented a technology similar to notebook touchpads, but smarter.

This website is operated by volunteers. It was established on 25 April 2005 by people who have bought FingerWorks products in the past and who think it's worth keeping the user community alive even though the FingerWorks company+website+forum may or may not prevail.


Unfortunately, it seems that FW is closing down as a result of being acquired by an unnamed "multi-billion dollar supplier of IT software and hardware" (source). This means that our valuable user community needs to find a new home away from the FW website. "We the users" have formed this volunteer support website, so your participation is appreciated.


Resources here include this interactive website (anyone can edit these pages using just a browser!) and the DiscussionForum. These two things overlap slightly, so we'll see how things work out over time. There will also be a DownloadArea where relevant material will be available, once we figure out how to do this (feel free to offer your help!).

This site uses the TWiki software to enable anybody and everybody to contribute. No special software or skills are required -- just get yourself a free account and start writing -- just like e-mail. Don't worry about HTML or other formatting codes. Just put in the text, and you've helped! (See the TWikiTutorial for details.)

  • We also keep a WishList? to remind us of things we want to add to this website.


At first, the FW forum started to work poorly, then user routb created a temporary forum on Yahoo, and now we've started this (hopefully permanent) residence for the FW fans. Perhaps we'll get a proper domain name eventually.

-- TorbenGB - 30 Apr 2005
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