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Welcome, FingerWorks fans!

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Anybody is welcome to help us! Whether you're a customer, or a reseller, or a FW employee, you're welcome here. Read how to contribute and learn the reason for this website on the About page.

Fingerfans forum registration broken.
The Fingerfans forum registration is currently broken! That means new users cannot register a username and must remain anonymous read-only visitors until the issue has been resolved.

We have made various attempts to fix it but it still eludes us -- not even a complete reinstall of the forum software solved it! As you can imagine, we are painfully aware of the problems this is causing for our members and want-to-be-members.

Right now I cannot give you a timeframe for the fix, but if you mail me then I will keep your mail and respond to you (and others affected) when we have a working solution in place.

Until then I am sorry to say that there is no way for you to post... only to read. Again, I apologize for the problems this causes you, and I hope that I can fix this soon! Please stay in touch if there is anything further on your mind.

Fingerfans website admin is looking to retire; replacement wanted.
Read the full statement in the forum!

Get your Stenovations DigiTouch today!
There are still some DigiTouch units available. See the ordering instructions here.
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