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Exclamation Feature Suggestion: Mouse Click by Lifting One of Multiple Pointing Fingers

Hello everyone.

After HEAVY use of the iGesture Pad for a while it has proven most appropriate for me to use two-finger-pointing and Thumb/Index/Pinky clicking.

However, especially concerning Thumb/Index/Pinky clicking I feel that there are two issues:

1.) Sometimes if you need to click *exactly* on some spot on the screen, the need to put one *additional* finger down to initiate the click causes the pointer move a little and you end up clicking off-target.

2.) If you had to move the mouse pointer for a rather long distance, clicking can become difficult since there might not be enough room left between the pointing fingers and the frame of the pad to put the additional finger down to initiate the click. This is especially valid if then the *thumb* were needed for clicking, but the pointing fingers are already at the lower border of the pad. In this case it is very awkward to put your thumb down on the pad as well to trigger the click.

I'm sure that everyone knows similar situations.

So here comes one suggestion to completely overcome these limitations -- and then some...

Why not initiate mouse clicks by just lifting (and putting back down) one of the two pointing fingers?!?

In other words, you start pointing with two fingers. Then you do left-clicks by lifting (and putting back down) the left finger, right-clicks are triggered by lifting (and putting back down) the right finger of the two pointing fingers!

Putting the respective finger down again could either do nothing ("clicking by finger-lifting"), it could itself trigger the click, OR, even better - it could trigger a mouse button release! In the latter case the preceding *lifting* of the finger of course is not the mouse click but instead lifting would trigger the respective mouse button *press*.

That way you could even point, click AND drag just only with two fingers WITHOUT the problems described initially, and without having to interrupt the pointing action itself AT ALL (since one finger always stays down).

Putting down one third finger then could trigger double-click, again WHILE STILL POINTING with the two fingers!

I would like to strongly encourage the Fingerworks Team to think about incorporating that as an option in the future.

If I'm not completely wrong I feel that such way of implementing clicking could prove to become a KILLER feature. Of course, the same thing could be applied to five-finger-pointing, where it also would completely eliminate the oddness that once you've clicked you can't put the respective fingers down again. Furthermore, the same could be applied for three-finger-pointing with the three fingers being the three mouse buttons!

Just think of it as your fingernails being the two (or three) mouse buttons that you can push.

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Awesome idea!


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