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Unhappy USB Hub Power Exceeded

So I've got this Retro that's been giving me periodic problems: jittery mouse, random NumPad characters inserted in my text, random mouse clicks, NumPad keys that don't work, etc.. Most of the time it works, but once this jittering starts, the Retro renders my computer almost unusable. Diagnostics shows everything fine sometimes, and then several defective points other times.

It's annoying, but that's not the problem I'm writing about now. I was upgrading my Retro firmware to 1.5.8 when I (or the Retro?) inadvertantly closed the update window during the second phase of the flash. So I restart the firmware upgrade, and it said that it didn't know what type of FingerWorks product my Retro was, and asked me if it's a TouchStream or iGesture. I picked iGesture because that's essentially what a Retro is.

From that point, my Retro pad has never worked. When I plug in my Retro, XP finds the Microsoft Natural keyboard, the iGesture pad, keyboard hot keys, etc., but ends with "USB Hub Power Exceeded" and the Retro's pad doesn't respond. I've tried it on all the ports on 2 different systems, including both a self-powered hub and the port that previously worked, and it's always the same "USB Hub Power Exceeded" failure. Keyboard works (although I can't even Ctrl+Alt+Del to logon because Delete is on the non-functioning pad).

Any way to get my Retro up and running again? Or do I need to send it back to have it re-flashed? (Guess I needed to send it in long ago for the jittering and random gestures, but I just never got around to it.)


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